About Me

I am a physiologist at McMaster University in Canada. I specialize in gastrointestinal muscle and cellular physiology. Most of my career has been spent studying interstitial cells of Cajal (ICC), the pacemaker cells of the gut. I am skilled at computational analysis of physiology data (i.e. programming) and like cycling, running and reading science.

Why the Sceptical Physiologist?

Robert Boyle's The Sceptical Chymist presents arguments for the atomic hypothesis in the form of a dialogue and is one of the founding documents of modern chemistry. The title has been appropriated by a number of scientists such as Joseph Needham's The Sceptical Biologist and Joseph Fruton's The Sceptical Biochemist. The Sceptical Physiologist sounded a distinctive domain name (certainly more so than using my own name) and I would like to think that I have a healthy degree of scepticism, necessary for any scientist.

Why this Website?

I made this website for two reasons: #1 As a way of "putting out there" the usual professional information - CV, publications, etc. #2 As a way to share software and code I have written for analysis of physiological data. ... and also I have put in some fun stuff.

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Cool Links

Faraday Waves

Came across this through a seminar at Mac Physics by John Bush of MIT.

...and here narrated by Morgan Freeman!

BBC Seven Wonders

Fascinating series of interviews with scientific luminaries (biologists mostly) on the subject of their personal natural or technological wonders. The Steve Jones and Miriam Rothschild programs are my favorite.

Flying machines

Robot bats and swarming drones.