About Me

I am a software developer and scientist. By skill set I am a Data Scientist: I am a skilled programmer and algorithm writer, with experience across a broad swath of analytical techniques from signal processing to image analysis to numerical modeling to deep learning.

Why this Website?

I made this website for two reasons. First, as both a CV (job history, publication list) and resume (skills and accomplishments). Second, as a way of sharing my software, in particular plugins I have written for ImageJ. Also I have included a page of random stuff, Etc., that will give you an idea of my wider interests.

Why the Sceptical Physiologist?

Robert Boyle's The Sceptical Chymist presents arguments for the atomic hypothesis in the form of a dialogue and is one of the founding documents of modern chemistry. The title has been appropriated by a number of scientists such as Joseph Needham's The Sceptical Biologist and Joseph Fruton's The Sceptical Biochemist. My scientific background is in physiology. The Sceptical Physiologist sounded a distinctive domain name and I would like to think that I have a healthy degree of scepticism, necessary for any scientist or coder.

How to contact me